Boost Productivity without Infringing On Your Budget

Productivity Strategies Do Not Have To Be CostlyAll managers want their employees to be as productive as possible, a goal that – given the chronically high levels of employee disengagement across the workforce – would seem none too easy to attain.  Yet despite certain challenges, there are some simple managerial steps that can position those in charge for productive success.  Here are five no-cost methods that managers can use to boost their productivity.

Set carefully chosen employee job objectives that are ambitious but attainable

Most managers spend a fraction of the time they should developing clear measurable employee objectives. They also do not spend enough time involving employees in the process. Well-conceived goals are crucial.  Without goals it is impossible for employees to arrive at the right place, as they will be unclear as to where they should be heading.

Manage objectives

Just because solid objectives are in place, there is no guarantee that they will be attained.  Studies show that accountability, (holding employees to results that have earlier been agreed to) is not a common management strength.  Establishing meaningful objectives is a sound first step, but it means little if these targets aren’t firmly managed too.

Keep employees in a productive frame of mind

Expect excellence and diligence, but treat people decently and respectfully along the way.  It’s amazing how a respectful attitude toward employees fosters energy and productivity, while disrespect breeds discontent and disengagement.  Mind-set matters!  Employees need to be in a positive mind-set to do their best.  People need to be positively energized if they are expected to go above and beyond.

Provide Ample Recognition

Whilst the desire for recognition is a critical issue within any establishment, it must be understood that recognition does not have to have a monetary value. What employees often want the most is meaningful personal recognition from their direct manager. Acknowledgement does not have to be fancy. It simply needs to be honest appreciation for a job well done.  Recognition aids in keeping employees in the desired productive mind-set.

Listen and innovate

One of the most productive things a manager can do with his or her employees is simply to listen.  Ask employees for input.  Employees are usually the individuals closest to the actual work, which means that they often have the best grassroots ideas on how to innovate and improve daily operations. The very act of being taken seriously and listened to by management has value.  It helps employees feel engaged and a part of the team.

All of these approaches will aid in raising the levels of productivity within an organisation without costing a penny. Now isn’t that productive!


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