express mail serviceSaint Lucia Postal Service was recently announced as one of eight countries out of 192 member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) – an intergovernmental organization and the main forum for the cooperation between governments, posts and other stakeholders of the worldwide sector – to receive an award for Express Mail Service (EMS) delivery for 2014.

Each year, countries are recognized by UPU for excellent performance, with 3 levels of performance awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze. To receive such an award member countries must meet the performance standards and prerequisites set by UPU, all aimed at providing customers worldwide with a high quality and competitive express mail service. The performance standards are independently monitored and compiled by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

On 9 April 2015, Saint Lucia Postal Service was the proud recipient of the much sought after Gold award and is ranked number one out of 192 countries for its performance in the handling and delivery of EMS items for 2014.

Saint Lucia has been awarded in the past, the latest being a silver award for 2013 – the sole award for a Caribbean country that year. However this award is particularly meritorious and gratifying as it is the first ever Gold award received by Saint Lucia Postal Service. Even more remarkable is the fact that Saint Lucia is again the only Caribbean territory to receive an award in 2014 and is also ranked number one in the world for the aforementioned period.

Five other Gold awards were given to the following countries Hungary, Hong Kong China, Azerbaijan and Singapore, Silver to Moldova and Norway, and Bronze to Israel.

Achieving this milestone is commendable as the management and staff work assiduously to sustain the future of the postal service amidst rapid falling letter mail volumes. Efforts are geared at innovation, which include the recently launched online shopping service and the soon to be launched postcode development to assist in a more efficient mail delivery.

Management thanks the staff for their exceptional diligence and illustrious performance, and in addition, congratulates the team on the attainment of this august award.


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