ProCom-LogoThrough the work of the NCPC, the Government of St. Lucia established the PROCOM Challenge. The Challenge, (grant-based) will be accepting applications from April 18th to May 27th, 2016 and  is poised to be a catalyst that specifically co-finances the private sector to implement solutions or initiatives that either enhances productivity and competitiveness within the Saint Lucian economy.

During the 2014/ 2015 budget address the Government of Saint Lucia committed EC$500,000 towards this Challenge.  Since then the NCPC, Compete Caribbean along with the Government collaborated on the design of the Challenge which will officially launch on Monday, April 18th, 2016.  As part of the process, consultations were held with the private and public sectors on the areas that the Challenge should target.


The PROCOM Challenge will run from April 18th to May 27th, 2016.

Download  PROCOM Challenge ManualPROCOM Challenge Brochure  to determine whether your business meets the eligibility requirements and whether the challenge can help you.

MSMEs are encouraged to visit the NCPC website and Facebook pages,  for regular updates on the PROCOM challenge or call 468-5571/468-5576 with any questions/queries.

If you meet the requirements and have an innovative idea which you believe can improve competitiveness and productivity in Saint Lucia, complete the PROCOM Challenge Application Form  and send us an  e-mail.



It was agreed, generally that projects focused on the following will be considered:

  • Delivery of methods and or technologies to reduce energy costs for businesses
  • Standard adherence and compliance solutions to meet domestic, regional and international needs
  • Development of new or the adaptation of current technology to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency
  • Projects or solutions to improve business processes for greater efficiency and productivity

Guidelines on which the Challenge will operate include:                                                                                       

  • Registered St. Lucian private sector company, (a Saint Lucian having 65% voting rights in the company).
  • The proposed Challenge will specifically deploy an indirect transmission mechanism, co-financing service providers.
  • The Challenge will provide co-financing of EC$100,000 or less.
  • The Challenge will fund capital goods and assets of up to 40% of the project cost, and
  • The Challenge has a hybrid grant disbursement mechanism mixing up front disbursement and results-based payments.

To access the Challenge applicants will need to demonstrate a level of commitment whether in cash or in kind. Capital accessed via the Challenge can be used for activities and items such as staff time costs, technical assistance, and capital goods required to design, pilot or implement a new service. The Challenge however cannot be used as working capital, as an investment on equipment not directly related or critical to the project or the purchase of real estate.

The establishment of the NCPC PROCOM Challenge is a large undertaking with the objective of enhancing both productivity and competitiveness in St. Lucia. The Challenge is one that will back positive ideas and innovation within the private sector, bringing with it a much needed productive impact on the country’s competitiveness climate.

Visit, or call 468-5571 or 468-5576 if you have any questions/queries reference the PROCOM Challenge.

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