NCPC Productivity Ambassador, Johanan Dujon with LHCSS 2016 Graduating Class

Graduation- a time for celebration!

Graduation- seeing years of hard work and commitment finally bear fruit!

Graduation- a proud moment for parents and students!

While graduation means different things to different people, the fact remains that this period of transformation from student to graduate is often fraught with uncertainty for students.

 In Saint Lucia, during the months of June to July thousands of students leave behind their secondary schools to embark upon a journey. After five (5)  years of growing accustomed to familiar routines and faces, some are immediately thrown into the world of work while others continue go on to further their studies.

Understanding how difficult this transition can be for students and the possible impact on productivity, the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) has embarked on a Schools’ Graduation Tour. The tour aims to promote an awareness and understanding of the notions of productivity and competitiveness.

Earlier today, NCPC Productivity Ambassador, Johanan Dujon, the Managing Director of Algas Organics (an agro-processing firm specialising in the production of bio-fertilizers from seaweed) had the opportunity to speak to a group of over 100 students of the Leon Hess Comprehensive School 2016 Graduating Class.

The theme for this year’s Graduation was “Find Your Passion- Live Your Dreams” and Johanan, a young entrepreneur, was able to share his own story of finding and nurturing his passion and eventually living his dreams.

Look out for more excerpts from the 2016 NCPC Schools’ Graduation Tour.



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