Caribbean Innovation Competition To Promote Regional Entrepreneurship


The 2017 Caribbean Innovation Competition (CIC) is currently underway with the official launch slated for September 1st in Bridgetown, Barbados. The competition, a brainchild of Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), in collaboration with REACH and other regional partners, is an international support programme and business start-up accelerator for entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.

Through this programme, the organizers aim to help transform intellectual ideas and intelligent solutions into profitable business models through the commercialization of Intellectual Entrepreneurial Assets (IEAs).

Following the launch on September 1st, there will be a Mini Business Lab (M-Lab), an intensive hands-on session, targeting potential entrepreneurs, to generate innovative ideas that can later be transformed into profitable businesses. This training methodology has been adapted to a condensed but effective one-day session where practical tools in the process in business creation willbe provided.

This year’s CIC is focused on “Digital Enterprises.” Consequently the competition will award projects in the following categories:

  • Creative Industries – generating, disseminating and commercialization of creative content in sectors such as: film, radio and TV production, advertising, music, design, videogames, fashion, performing arts, among others.
  • Technology Commercialization – effective transfer of university, engineering and research products, IP and other discoveries to the marketplace for the benefit of society. This includes sectors such as Education, Health, Engineering, and Agriculture.

The CIC which is currently in its third year will connect entrepreneurs with mentors whilst providing online training and additional resources throughout the process.

For more information on the Caribbean Innovation Competition (CIC) please visit


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