NCPC Youth Audio Visual Competition Unveiled

The strength, power and capabilities of young people are undeniably irrefutable. In Saint Lucia, the youth continue to make strides in all facets of society and are often an instrumental part of the shaping of national policy. Now more than ever, concerted and coordinated efforts are being made to not only address the needs of the young population, but similarly to encourage their empowerment to express their views and harness their capacity for nation-building.


The NCPC Youth Audio Visual Competition, an initiative of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC), formally opened today as one of the highlights for the 3rd observance Productivity Awareness Week (PAW). Through this competition, youth in Saint Lucia will have the opportunity to produce a 10-15 minute audio visual piece to depict issues affecting productivity and competitiveness in Saint Lucia  and to propose innovative solutions.

Unveiled during a press conference at the Government Information Service (GIS) Studios earlier today, the competition has among its main objectives, the dissemination and promotion of audiovisual pieces which tackle the issues of productivity and competiveness in Saint Lucia with a focus on increasing awareness of these issues, facilitating dialogue and finding solutions. This activity is also intended to support the discovery of creative expression as an inspiration for the development of the film and audio visual fields.

Communications Specialist at the NCPC, Ms. Taluah Girard says, “These types of initiatives are extremely important. The 21st century youth are not only knowledgeable but they are also very resourceful. Every individual has their own perception of productivity and competitiveness and the challenges which we face as a nation. The Youth Audio Visual Competition will not only allow the youth to showcase their creativity and talent, but similarly it will directly engage them by encouraging them to be part of the solution to our productivity and competitiveness challenges.  As we seek to raise awareness of these issues and inspire progress, these audiovisual pieces will play a great part in opening minds and changing the way that people view these challenges.”

The Youth Audio Visual Competition will be open for submissions through November 6th, 2016, with the winners to be announced at an awards ceremony during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in November.In keeping with the theme of innovation, 

Several corporate entities have embraced this competition.  Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd., CPR and The Directors Institute of Media and Technology have agreed to offer prizes ranging from stationery hampers, tablets and scholarships to pursue a 2D Animation course. The top (3) winning entries will also have the honour of being screened at the 2017 Piton International Film Festival which is scheduled for next summer.

Interested youth (residing in Saint Lucia) are encouraged to visit the NCPC’s website, call 468-5571/468-5576 or send an e-mail to  for detailed information on the Competition and to download ncpc-youth-audiovisual-competition-terms-and-conditions

The NCPC has made the submission process very simple, visit our electronic platform at to submit your entry.

Alternatively you can download the traditional  (Submission Form) ncpc-youth-audiovisual-competition-submission-form and submit via e-mail.


About the Competition

The NCPC Youth Audio-visual Competition invites aspiring youth filmmakers/producers to express their vision by creating a short 10-15 minute audio visual piece. The competition calls on youth to explore the themes of productivity and competitiveness, emphasizing what individuals and communities across the island are doing to promote action, offer solutions and inspire positive change. Participants are encouraged to use personal narratives that explore fundamental questions such as: What are some of the barriers to productivity and competitiveness in my community/on my island? What actions are being taken to mitigate these barriers? What innovative solutions do I think can be employed to resolve these challenges?


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