NCPC Outreach Seeks to Enhance Productivity in the Public Sector



NCPC Executive Director, Fiona Hinkson with employees of the Dept. of the Public Service

In addition to identifying key issues related to competitiveness and productivity in St. Lucia and  raising awareness on these issues, monitoring productivity growth and benchmarking Saint Lucia’s productivity levels against that of other countries(particularly in the Caribbean basin) is one of the major functions of the NCPC. A rigorous assessment of productivity across various sectors has allowed the NCPC to take a holistic approach in the process of determining the best course of action/solutions to enhance Saint Lucia’s productivity.

Although the term may appear to be fairly simple, productivity gains remains elusive for many organizations. While technological advances have drastically improved productivity in many sectors, much remains to be done.

In Saint Lucia, the public sector is one of the largest employers of the labour force. As a provider of key services, in particular, business services (which affect the cost of inputs) and social services (which affect labour quality), the performance of this sector weighs heavily on national productivity.

As the national body with a mandate to raise awareness and facilitate an environment where productivity and competitiveness can thrive, the NCPC remains committed to improving productivity in all sectors, in particular the public sector.

On November 30th, 2016, Executive Director of the NCPC, Fiona Hinkson met with the staff of the Dept. of the Public Service to discuss productivity challenges facing the sector and find solutions to improving productivity r. A total of 51 employees benefited from this initial session which forms part of the NCPC’s Productivity Outreach Programme.



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